How to Leverage Promotion Ideas and Special Offers to Build Your Online Store

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A successful ecommerce site owner is never content with the sales volume they have today and should always be working on ways to drive more sales in the future. A well-coordinated promotion can take more than a little imagination to put together, but it will be well worth it! Driving traffic to your site, new customer acquisition, and revenue growth can all be achieved by offering limited time promotions to your target audience. Shopify has the tools built in to allow you to run an exceptional Memorial weekend promotion this weekend!

 The Most Popular Promotions Include: 

  • Offering free shipping one either select products or site wide 
  • Standard sales of a set percentage off the entire site, single product or collection
  • Buy X, Get Y sales

Why is leveraging sales and promotions so important? 

Today’s shoppers are more aware than ever before. Combine this awareness with recent influx of online shopping options and it makes perfect sense that in order to get that checkout, it’s going to take some additional persuasion.Your eCommerce promotions are one of the most valuable persuasion tools in your arsenal.

Increasing your sales through long weekend and other promotions… 

We’d like to prepare you for this long weekend by sharing some of the strategies that our clients have used to be successful! While no two stores or industries are the same, the three approaches below should serve as a good baseline. You will also want to make sure that you are setup to collect the relevant data around the promotions (including clicks, conversions,etc) so that you can assess the success of each and decide whether to tweak the approach in the future. Shop Style Design can help you get setup to capture this information.

#1 – Free Shipping

Everybody loves free shipping. Research shows that no other factor leads to cart abandonment more than unexpectedly high shipping charges.Free Shipping can not only remove these unexpected charges that lead to people leaving your site, it also makes the entire purchase process more straightforward.

Extensive research has shown that 93% of online shoppers responded that free shipping would encourage them to buy. Furthermore, a full 66% of online consumers indicate they would be more likely to purchase if they knew return shipping was free as well. Just be sure you’re adjusting your product pricing model accordingly.

Your free shipping offer doesn’t need to be site wide either, you can limit it to certain products to keep your pricing model more straightforward. Free shipping allows your customers to shop with confidence,knowing what they’ll be paying from the outset; no unexpected charges! 

#2 – Percentage Based Discounts 

Retail stores have perfected the concept of the “sale price”.Learn from this approach of showing items as being on sale for a limited time.When you’re setting up your percentage sale, make sure you show not only the new sale price, but the original price as well to really show that your customers are getting a deal this Memorial Day weekend.

It’s important to note this approach won’t work if you’ve gone with the discount store approach where you consistently show every price as being on sale. Psychologically speaking, customers are still more likely to purchase a product even if it’s an artificially inflated price has been reduced. Always keep your margin in mind when assigning the sale. For the best impact, you’ll want to take a standard approach (“All phone cases 20% off this weekend”) rather than adjusting each price individually.

#3 – Buy X, Get Y

Everybody loves the concept of getting something for free,or even a special discount for buying another product. Shopify let’s you capitalize on this with their new Buy X, Get Y functionality. With this you can offer the following types of discounts:

  • Buy Product A, Get Product B free
  • Buy Product A, Save a % on another item 

This is a great way to increase order values or clear out lagging products in a way that encourages consumers to seize the opportunity.

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