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Setting Your 2020 Social Media Resolutions

Now is the time to decide your New Year’s resolution. What are your goals for 2020? Read more, learn a new language, make it to …

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10 Strategies to Beat the Winter Sales Blues

Winter has come in the United States and Canada, which means that consumers are dealing with the post-Christmas blues. Credit card bills are arriving in …

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Why Instagram Influencers are Overrated

As more and more businesses embrace social media as a vital part of their marketing strategies, the concept of influencers has been opened up to …

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2020 Product Pricing Guide: Ecommerce Pricing For Your Online Business

Product pricing isn’t as simple as picking a number. Ask too much for your products and services, and people will stop buying. Ask too little, …

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Why You Should be Using MailerLite with Shopify

More than half of the people on the planet use email. Yes, that’s an astounding 3.8 billion people. With this kind of statistic, can you …

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Using Email to Recover Lost Sales from Abandoned Cart Shoppers

There are a variety of reasons why shoppers abandon their carts in the middle of a transaction. In many cases, shoppers get tempted by a …

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The Critical Role of Email Marketing

As the overall marketing industry and digital marketing landscape continue to evolve, oftentimes, business owners wonder about the role that email marketing plays in their …

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Shopify vs. WooCommerce: The Best Online Platform for Your Business

Are you considering starting up your online store, but can’t decide whether to use Shopify or Woocommerce? It makes sense! They’re two of the most …

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Tips for Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

If you are in the business to sell a product, especially if your business is online and the customer won’t have the opportunity to touch …

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