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Exciting New Features And Benefits in Shopify – Unite 2019 Update

As a Shopify store owner, how do you spend your time? Fixated on perfecting customer experience? Scheming for global expansion? Making plans for growing profitability? …

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Emails Your Shop Has to Start Using

Email marketing continues to be a critical strategy for marketers. While social media is becoming more and more popular and is an essential endeavor in …

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Customer Service Is King

It may sound trite, but that old business saying we’ve heard since our first high school job still rings true. We all know today that …

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Critical eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid

As more and more devices and electronic gadgets make their way into our daily lives, people are spending more of their time online. It seems …

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The Proof is in the Reviews – Why Customer Reviews and Reputation Management is Critical for your Business

The use of social media by Americans and other countries throughout the world continues to be on the rise. Presently, there are an estimated 3.5 …

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Shopify Unite 2019 Summary

The Shopify Partners Conference just wrapped up in Toronto, Canada. Taking place on June 18 – 20, 2019, the Shop Style Design team led by Alexander McCulloch …

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16 Tips for Better Content Marketing

You might be wondering why there is suddenly so much focus on content marketing or thinking to yourself “hasn’t content always been critical?” The reality …

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Building a Trustworthy eCommerce Website

Online shopping isn’t a new trend that’s just becoming popular, and it’s no longer solely the domain of the millennial. eCommerce is becoming more prevalent, …

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Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Productivity is mission-critical for any small business owner or entrepreneur. In either role you will inevitably be called on to perform many tasks, putting on …

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