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About us

Different By Design

At Shop Style Design, we believe creativity is a by product of the culture we have built. It's about sharing your day with like minded people who are intent on pushing the boundaries of the possible. 

We Deliver Outside-the-Box Solutions

Our team realizes that no matter the solution we provide, it needs to be realistic and affordable. No matter the budget you are working on, we can better your business' web presence. From full scale redesign, SEO or business strategy, we have a wealth of experience and we put that experience to work for you!

We truly believe that the best results are derived from the best customer service. What sets Shop Style Design apart is that we take the time to learn about every client we work with.  

Creating the perfect experience was at the core of my goals when I setup Shop Style Design. I understand what our clients are feeling when they approach us as Shopify Experts, we understand when the guard goes up. We strive to make every time we work with a client to be easy, and productive. We really look forward to showing you the importance of being different.

Driven By Our Principles

Shop Style Design is driven by three overriding principles, Integrity, Honesty and Simplicity. Businesses are faced with a choice of over 450 Shopify Experts, but we believe that our promise of Integrity, Honesty, and Simplicity is why we stand out from the rest. We have an unwavering commitment to absolute transparency and maintain open communication in everything we do. Our sole focus is on ensuring our clients have an unbeatable experience.  

Powered By Our Belief in Customer Service

Unfortunately, not all Shopify Experts have their clients’ priorities at heart. Time constraints, poor communication and lack of interest are, but just a few of the reasons that a web designer may get pulled off track and the consequences can be debilitating for your business. Shop Style Design is different, regardless of the size of your business, we prioritize you and look to align ourselves with your vision. We aren’t aiming to be only your web designer, but we want our clients to work with us almost as an extension of your business.  

Uncovering the "Why" of Your Brand

We put our clients first, regardless of the scope of the project, our approach to learning the business is the same. For every undertaking, we tap into the years of combined experience our team has on offer to deliver eye-catching Shopify stores that take browsers and turns them into customers. If it’s not a website that’s needed, it is almost always marketing guidance. Our desire to get to know your business and its brand is critical to driving success. Regardless of your niche, we have the expertise to get your brand out there!