About Shop Style Design

A Story that Matters

When we started Shop Style Design, we had a lot of thoughts on the type of company we wanted to create: a place where connection, creativity, and capability was at the forefront. These beliefs have grown into the pillars of our company. Today, we’ve built our reputation on more than thoughtful marketing, beautiful branding, and intuitive websites. We’ve cultivated a team of like-minded individuals and Shopify experts who genuinely love their job, and are intent on pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Out of the Box Solutions

A website is more than a place for your customers to shop. It is an opportunity to tell your brand’s unique story. When we partner with our clients, your goals become our own. No matter if your project is big or small, we customize an innovative and realistic solution that brings the most value to your budget. From full-scale Shopify redesign to SEO or business strategy, we have the experience to elevate your brand in a way that gets results.

Achieving Your Goals

At Shop Style Design, our mission is to help your company achieve your anything. Through ingenious branding, advanced marketing technology, and cutting-edge industry strategies, we have the passion and expertise to help your Shopify business grow into this next phase of success. Whether you are just starting out or already have a following, we help you think outside the box towards custom solutions that would best benefit your brand. All of our design and development projects begin with a clean slate and are completely customized to your needs and specifications.

Our Values and Vision

Businesses are faced with a choice of over 450 Shopify Experts. So when someone asks, “What makes Shop Style Design different from the rest?” The answer is simple. We are driven by three overriding principles.




We have an unwavering commitment to absolute transparency and maintain open communication in everything we do. Because we believe consistent and sustainable success is achieved with integrity and taking the time to do the small things extremely well. When “good” just isn’t good enough, we are there to give our very best.

Starting on the right foot

Uncovering the "Why" of Your Brand

What was your vision when you got into business? Where do you dream of going? Why do you do what you do?

These are just some of the questions we ask when we take the time to know you and your company. This isn’t only an important part of aligning our goals. Uncovering the “why” of your brand gives you a higher-order reason to exist other than merely making a profit. It is the foundation on which you build everything and is the reason you attract loyal customers. We dive deep into your story and tap into the years of combined experience our team has to offer to deliver eye-catching Shopify stores, marketing guidance, and passionate strategies to authentically grow your business.

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