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Drive Organic Traffic to Increase Sales

Is your website struggling to perform and attract traffic?

At Shop Style Design, we understand how a dip in organic visitors can affect your bottom line. Our professional site audits give you the tools you need to climb to the top of search engines and bring in more customers. We specialize in strategic recommendations and purposeful design to improve your performance.

Need assistance with SEO audits? We can help.

When it comes to analyzing your website, we leave no stone unturned. Our experienced SEO team has invested thousands of hours into site audits and technical assessments. We take pride in the details and scrutinize the possibilities on a granular level. With a mind for the consumer and intelligent tools, we gain exhaustive insights on your brand and its market.

A professional SEO audit is the most important step in optimizing any website. Before you dive in and invest thousands of dollars on content marketing without a roadmap for success, let’s help your website – and your business – be the best that it can be.

How do we do it?

On-Page Analysis

The pages of your website can either contribute or take away from your business’s success. Our expert on-page analysis takes a thorough look at everything from content quality to technical optimization, including URL structure, meta data, keywords, content quality, user behavior, and design. A technical SEO audit will give you insight into what your site is doing well, and what areas could be improved.

Off-Page Analysis

A great SEO strategy isn’t limited to the text that is found on your website. The company you keep online can also help or hurt you. Our expert off-page SEO analysis examines in-bound links to ensure they are from relevant and high-quality sites. Then we apply off-page SEO tactics to help you boost web page rankings, improve visibility, and drive traffic to your webpage, with techniques that look at risk indicators, link velocity, anchor text analysis, traffic directionality, web entry points, competitor analysis audits, and more.

Standing Our From the Crowd

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other agencies, we don’t guarantee instant success or #1 rankings. SEO is an ongoing process and an investment. Our professional site audit services will grow with you and act as your digital roadmap to online success. 

At Shop Style Design, we focus on white hat SEO strategies with proven results. White hat methodology looks beyond simple traffic generation and factors in the user’s experience. This method makes certain that you avoid any penalization for implementing “frowned-upon” tactics such as spam link building and keyword loading.

We tailor our approach to specifically meet the capabilities and challenges of Shopify search engine optimization. Our Shopify development, design, and SEO experience has allowed us to generate specific strategies to help you overcome the hurdles you face running an online store, while bringing in targeted leads.

With the help of our exceptionally talented team and years of expertise, we are determined to give our clients the best return for your budget. 

SEO Audit Services You Can Trust

In an industry that is built on the professional opinion of others, trusting a company with your search engine optimization strategy can be a daunting task. While it may be tempting to choose a business that guarantees instant success, this could result in serious consequences long term. Our philosophy focuses on long-term, sustainable success with tried and true search engine optimization tactics.

At Shop Style Design, our team becomes a meaningful extension of your business, and we take that seriously. We take the time to learn your business as if it were our own to not only help you envision your goals, but also achieve them. In an ever-changing landscape that is search engine optimization, we constantly update our tools and help you evolve your business to stay ahead of your competitors.

Setting the Bar

Our Approach to Top-Tier SEO Audits

At Shop Style Design, our technical SEO site audit addresses every element of your content to identify strengths and remove weaknesses, so you have the tools that you need to achieve long-term success and top-tier results.

URLs / Pages

Do your webpages get seen on search engines? By optimizing your web pages + content, you increase your brand’s visibility to drive organic traffic to your brand. 

On-Page Text

Search engine relevance is everything. Identifying and improving the search term density of your website’s text helps boost web presence and bring in more customers. 

Internal Linking

Internal linking improves the value of your websites for users and fuels your domain relevance while utilizing keyword-rich anchor text. 

Social Integration

There’s no denying the power of the “Share” button. Integrating your website with multiple social media platforms supports link-building initiative and content marketing.

URL Structure 

Is your page naming convention search engine and human friendly? How does it reflect what your page represents?

Our data markup qualifies your content for Enhanced Presentation and Answers from the Knowledge Graph, two types of SERP display features within Google. 

Current Structured Data Markup Analysis 

How is your current data markup benefiting you and your website? Can it be improved? 

SERP Real Estate and Schema Implementation 

The battle for high Google ratings and SERP real estate is constant. We evaluate available markup to see how their implementation will benefit your website. 

Google calls it a “Knowledge Center” but most are more familiar with the term “blog”. Our content audits takes into account your current content marketing strategy with respect to SEO.

Current Content Strategy and SEO Analysis
How do you draw potential customers in? Your blog posts should showcase a variety of media, including high quality imagery and engaging videos, along with best practices on-site SEO efforts. 
Web Authority Contributions

Keyword density and URL names aren’t the only factors in your website’s search engine relevance. We examine every aspect of your branding initiative – including off-site SEO and how your web authority is contributing to brand initiatives.

No website audit is complete without sizing up the competition. We compare your website to your closest competitors, analysing from the perspective of relevance and keyword value.

Keyword Ranking Overlap and Web Authority Comparison

What keywords does your website rank for? What keywords do your closest competitors rank for? A comparison of web authority and keyword analysis against your major competitors will expose the link campaigns and reveal the steps needed to close on keyword rankings. 

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