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Every business should have access to high-quality development and design, no matter the scope or size of their organization. Our small tasks have simple pricing and can be performed quickly, so you can get back to running your business.

What is a small task?

A “small task” is any job that one of our Shopify experts can complete for you within an hour. That includes time for communication and any adjustments. If you feel your task is more complex or may take over an hour to complete, please request a quote for a fully customized estimate on your project. 

Fast doesn’t mean you’re skimping on quality. Shopify eCommerce stores are designed to be easily managed, but all those minor tweaks, app integrations, and theme upgrades can add up quickly. Hiring an on-call professional to get the job done right the first time will save your business time and money.

Why use small tasks?

We know how exciting it is to launch your business in the eCommerce world. We also know how time-consuming it is. You don’t have hours to spend, learning the technical skills you need to make all those little adjustments and fixes.

Five Reasons to Love Small Tasks!

Just a Few Examples of Small Tasks

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Most frequent questions and answers

Once we have confirmation of payment, you’ll receive a welcome email containing a link to get you started. Following account set-up and store registration, any small task requests are approved or disapproved by their “First Delivery” Date. Delivery date is usually within 1 to 2 business days. Occasionally, requests cannot be approved. If this happens, we offer an alternative task and it is given top priority.

We pride ourselves on our ability to complete small Shopify tasks really fast, and really well. “Small” is any project that will take less than an hour to finish, including communication. 

To deliver fast and efficient service, we do occasionally turn down requests. If a job is estimated to take longer than an hour, we will offer you an estimate beyond the small tasks price range. Things like Advanced SEO, responsive design and Shopify theme installations are beyond the scope of small tasks. 

Please provide exact specifications for your request. Unfortunately, we can’t approve requests that ask us to “do what feels best”. Subjectivity takes time. 

When it comes to small tasks and quick fixes, the possibilities are endless. We can’t give you complete list, but we can tell you about some of the more common requests.

We offer small changes and fixes for: 

  • Shopify design, style and CSS
  • Theme layout and configuration
  • HTML and Java Script
  • On-Page SEO fixes (ex: adding an H1 tag to your home page) 
  • Shopify app configurations and recommendations
  • Forms modifications
  • Billing and payment gateway Q&A 
  • General troubleshooting Q&A

We do not offer “small” changes for the following. If you do have a need for these larger tasks, please request a quote: 

  • Responsive design
  • Analyst set-up or advanced SEO
  • New, complex functionality 
  • Shopify theme installation/setup/updates
  • Unspecified, undetermined, or unknown fixes 
  • Copywriting
  • Repetitive data entry
  • Store setup (forgoing smaller items)
  • Icon, logo, or vector image creation
  • Integrations and full-page redesigns

As long as that list can be accomplished in an hour, absolutely. We only work on one task at a time, per individual store and we stick to the turnaround time. Small Tasks work best for stores that have already gone live and don’t need help with big jobs. Please don’t submit a big project broken down into a list of small tasks. We cannot dedicate our small tasks team to exhaustive jobs. 

Next business day turnaround means we will finish the “first deliverable” of your small task by 12 AM eastern time. That turnaround time does not include any additional time for revisions, adjustments or miscommunications.

We reject any tasks that would take longer than 1 hour. Things like complete redesigns, artwork, copy or extensive data entry are not Small Tasks. If your request is rejected, we can always offer an estimate outside of the Small Tasks price points. We want the best for our clients are great at finding solutions, so feel free to ask us questions. If we aren’t a good match for your needs, we have a multitude of resources and connections throughout the world of Shopify.

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