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Whether you’re well established or freshly launched, leading a company comes with its challenges. As an entrepreneur, you have to make important decisions regarding your business every day. Especially when it comes to optimizing your online presence and brand performance. That’s why our team of eCommerce and Shopify experts offer proprietary consultation throughout every stage of development.

Our top-tier advisors work alongside you during your online journey, offering practical, objective, and results-driven direction and advice. From one-on-one coaching to multi-level business strategizing, we will help make your ambitions a reality. Our advising process is designed to give you the tools and know-how you need to manage every aspect of your organization with the utmost confidence.

Our Strengths at a Glance

Core Competencies

With a diverse background, the team at Shop Style Design possess the skills your business needs to succeed! When you partner with us for a consultation, you’re getting a strategy backed by our years of experience in all aspects of business.

Process Automation
Sales Delivery

Your #1 Advisor for Shopify

Build your Shopify store for the long-run – profitably and sustainably.

Shopify was designed for ambitious brands like yourself; with the power to scale and nearly unlimited growth opportunity. Are you taking advantage of everything the platform has to offer? With a solid foundation, innovative strategy, and a lot of hard work, we can help you drive real, sustainable business growth to your Shopify store.

Tailor-Made Digital Presence

Strategies Designed with You in Mind

Your business is unique. The strategy that drives it should be, too. At Shop Style Design, we believe that scalable success doesn’t end with checking off a to-do list. We partner with you to address all the aspects of your digital experience to optimize conversions and boost your ROI.

Our Services

Business Strategy

You can’t build a house without a foundation.

Today’s business environment is volatile and complex. To succeed, you need solid groundwork – a plan that will drive efficiency and facilitate adaptation. We evaluate your current business, determine your trajectory, and develop the tactics that will take you to your goals.

Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy Consultations that Get You Results

When the economy is good, conversions are a piece of cake. But when things take a turn, do you have a plan? Making your quarterly goals in hard times can be frustrating. Our elite team of sales strategists delivers reliable advice and step-by-step plans to get your company back in the black.

SEO Consultation

Are you satisfied with your Shopify store’s traffic?

Can anyone really have enough traffic? If you’re always aiming for more, but can’t quite reach your goal, our SEO services will give you the best ROI. As your digital marketing consultant, we can help your eCommerce website flourish with high-quality traffic. How do we do it? By helping combine user data and SEO to reach your audience at the exact right time and place.

Email Marketing Strategy

The key to more leads and more sales? Emails

Email marketing is the workhorse of your advertising budget. It’s the single best way to reach your customer base, both as a whole and individually. Knowing how to utilize it to its full potential will bring you more sales than you thought possible. With the highest ROI of any marketing tool, a solid email marketing strategy can’t be skipped.

Site Performance Review

We can help you go further, faster.

It’s a fact. More than half of your viewers expect your site to load in less than 2 seconds. Something as simple as your store’s load time could be the difference between making a sale or losing out to a competitor. Our technical experts can analyze your web performance and provide top-shelf solutions.

Conversion Rate Strategy

Is the user experience limiting purchases?

You can have all the web traffic in the world, but it means very little without conversions. We can show you how to analyze the consumer behavior surrounding your website and brand. When you understand how your consumers behave, you can easily make adjustments to the content and functionality of your site to boost sales. There’s no guesswork involved – just data-driven strategy.

We Solve Real Problems

Small Tasks

Affordable support for the little things that crop up.

eCommerce SEO

White hat SEO approach for sustained improvements.

Monthly Retainers

Peace of mind through monthly managed service.

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