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As the initial phase of your project, discovery is critical. It forms the bedrock of all the decisions made regarding functionality and design as we move forward. Working with your team and the information we gather, our in-house team of experts creates a framework for your commerce success on the Shopify Platform.


From the outset, best practices will be adhered to in order to maximize conversion rates, and our approach is geared towards leveraging consumer behavior to create the best possible buying experience. Our team will design an unparalleled visual experience for your customers that is fully responsive across PC, tablet and mobile devices.


During the development stage, your Shopify site will start to take shape as we mesh the design framework with the desired goals outlined during Discovery. During this stage, we will rely on you to provide the content for the final site. Upon completion of this stage, the user-friendly and responsive site that is sure to generate sales for your brand.


In advance of going live, we conduct a diverse range of tests to ensure it is smooth and functional across all browsers and devices. All content is reviewed by our staff and the client to ensure everything is perfect.


Swift developments are the only real constant in the world of technology, be sure to partner with a firm who has the knowledge and expertise to leverage this into your eCommerce success. Our monthly site management packages keep your site in peak condition at all times.

• Design Support as needed

• Third-party app integration

• New feature recommendations

• Update Shopify theme functionality


 Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as pushing go and watching the sales flow in. There is no reason to panic though; The Shop Style Design team can work with you to create a package to drive your site further.

• Social media strategy

• Conversion rate optimization

• Branded email marketing templates (MailChimp and Constant Contact Support)

• Search Engine Optimization

• Google/Bing analytics

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If you are looking to get the most out of your Shopify venture, reach out to Shop Style Design. We will work with you to ensure that every project is a success and you can feel comfortable knowing you have our full support.