The Case for Using Live Chat on Landing Pages

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It is important to make yourself readily available to your customers in today’s digital age. You want to be able to answer questions, diffuse situations, and create a welcoming environment that will keep them coming back for more. Thankfully, that is more possible than ever with live chat post-click landing pages.

Businesses nowadays are making themselves more available on a wide variety of platforms at multiple points throughout the marketing and sales funnel. There are ways to reach your customers almost immediately, including automated text messaging, live chat on Facebook pages, live chat web pages, etc. The list is endless now in the digital marketing age.

Having a relationship with your website visitors can lead to new customers becoming returning customers, and this all starts through connection. Therefore, connecting with potential and existing customers wherever and whenever they reach out is essential to the business process. 

Building a relationship with a new or returning visitor to your website can give them the trust they are looking for to become valuable customers. 

Building a Better Customer Experience with Live Chat Landing Pages

Using live chat software on your website and landing pages, in particular, provides you with more opportunities to capture leads. On these pages, first impressions are pivotal, and casual visitors will evaluate your brand and site in seconds. Therefore, having a support representative available to answer questions right at the start can differentiate between a customer staying on your site or leaving your site. 

When you consider adding a live chat to your landing pages, it is important to note that live chat shouldn’t be exclusive to just your post-click landing pages. This feature does not replace your lead capture form or any other element on your page. Instead, this is an added extra element to build a strong relationship with visitors right off the bat. 

How to Create Your Live Chat 

Having a live chat is helpful for customers to learn more information. However, it would be best if you still had a compelling headline, engaging visuals, and a compelling story on your landing pages so that your customers can gather basic info. In addition, you want your landing pages to include a logo, headline, lead capture, and other valuable information. If this is left out of your landing pages, visitors may feel weary about searching your site further.

Social proof shows that including a logo, customer testimonials, privacy policy, etc. helps increase visitors’ chances of feeling safe and secure using your site. The live chat adds that connection and personalization element that can convert potential customers more quickly.

Having a live chat can persuade visitors to stay and ask questions if they can’t find what they are looking for, but having more information on your pages will take the worry and uncertainty away.

Keep in mind that while you want a wealth of information on the page, so the user feels more comfortable, always ensure that there is some white space on your landing pages. You don’t want your page to look too cluttered, and having some space does make it easier to navigate. 

When creating your live chat, you don’t want that feature to take up your whole landing age, but you want it to catch the customer’s attention. So by having a bright color that compliments the colors of your website – you don’t want anything to clash – that will allow your customers to see the live chat easily, and they may be more prone to click on it and ask a question or inquire about a topic. 

You also have options of how you want the visitors to use the live chat feature. One feature, powered by Zendesk, lets the customer initiate the conversation. The live chat feature is in the corner of the screen, but they aren’t immediately asked a question by a representative. 

nstead, it is up to the user to decide how to interact or if they want to interact at all. For example, the user can insert their name, email address, and message. After they fill out all of that information, they receive a response. 

The live chat further increases the chances of a stronger relationship between the company and the potential customer. But, in the same sense, you don’t want to seem pushy and intrusive. Some people may be put off from the live chat if there isn’t a place to input their questions or if you ask for too much information before they input the contact info. That’s why the feature by Zendesk is an excellent option because customers start the conversation. 

You can also set up your live chat to start as a small tab in the corner of your page. Then if a customer stays on the page for a certain amount of time, for example, more than 30 seconds to a minute, or longer, the live chat will automatically open up into an entire page, a larger portion of the screen, or a separate tab. Again, this is a great option to ensure that the customer knows the live chat feature is there and will catch their eye. 

Another inclusion that you can use to make visitors feel more comfortable is adding the name and headshot of the support representative to the live chat feature. This will allow visitors to feel more of a connection to who they are talking to and may offer a sense of relief to put a face to the name and not feel like they are just talking to a computer or robot but an actual person. 

Benefits of Including a Live Chat Option on Landing Pages

Visitors to your website are likely to ask a question on your pages before they leave or decide to convert. Therefore, it is a great idea to include a live chat on the page so visitors and potential customers can easily ask their questions and not have to search for an email or contact page or go to the FAQ page. 

Here are some of the few ways that including a live chat on your landing pages can benefit you, your business, and the overall customer experience. 

1. Live Chats Provide More Lead Capturing Opportunities. 

First impressions are the last impression. However, the first impression is more than likely the deciding factor for the customers as they evaluate your brand and offer within seconds when on a landing page. Therefore, it is imperative that real-time live chat support at this location assures the customers of all-time assistance.

2. Prevents Visitors from Bouncing Off. 

Offering a live chat on landing pages provides a way to make way for customer-business interactions. They help build a relationship between the two, but they can also effectively prevent visitors from bouncing off the site. 

If the landing pages fail to provide the visitors with what they are looking for, the instant personal interaction with an agent via live chat can encourage them to take the next steps. 

3. Helps Instill Trust and Facilitates Form Completion 

According to an eMarketer Report, “63% of respondents who chatted said they were more likely to return to the site, and 62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again.” 

The reason is that live chat support helps the visitors on the site to reach you with questions and get answers instantly through a real conversation via chat. Human assistance through a live chat agent provides an instant query resolution. It also instills trust in the visitors. This ultimately boosts the likelihood of visitors sharing the required personal details when completing the form, even if it has intrusive form fields.

4. Drives Up Conversions 

These interactions help the live chat agents gather quality leads on landing pages. They dig deeper into visitors’ requirements and get to the root of the problem or question. As a result, the chat support agent can share the most relevant information and assist visitors while making their buying decision. 

This personalization and conversation that a visitor receives through live-chat support may eventually drive up the conversions and take potential customers, to new customers, to returning customers. 

When you have an option for customers to initiate a relationship with you and your business, it will make customers feel safer and build a sense of trust. Building that trust with potential customers is essential for turning them into satisfied, life-long customers, which is the goal.

A live chat option where the customer can talk to a support representative could be one of the many keys to building those relationships and retaining customers. 

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