Why You Should be Using MailerLite with Shopify

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More than half of the people on the planet use email. Yes, that’s an astounding 3.8 billion people. With this kind of statistic, can you afford not to incorporate email into your eCommerce store?

When you pair email marketing with your Shopify marketing strategy, the benefits to your customers increase by 10-fold. Not only is email one of the most relevant ways to reach your consumers. Shopify marketing with MailerLite also tailors your emails to customer purchase and search history. Customize their experience with upcoming changes in your inventory, sales, promotional campaigns. The possibilities are endless!

The key to any great email marketing campaign is finding the right mailing service. Keep reading to see why your Shopify marketing isn’t complete without Mailerlite.

What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is an email marketing program geared towards eCommerce platforms like Shopify. It is powerful, dynamic, and complements existing content and Shopify marketing strategies. The intuitive, user-friendly app comes with every feature a professional email marketer would look for in an email marketing software.

Shopify Native Integration

Because Mailerlite is a native integration design specifically for Shopify, it allows you to automatically sync all customer information, including purchase history data, directly from your Shopify store to MailerLite. From there, you can easily create targeted email campaigns that redirect to your store.

Shopify Intuitive Features

Designing a professional-looking email newsletter is a breeze with MailerLite’s intuitive drag and drop editor. Choose the template and features that best fit your store image and upload your content. You aren’t limited to Shopify marketing newsletters either. Mailerlite software also allows you to build your pop-ups, subscribe buttons, embedded forms, and landing pages.

Why is Email Marketing with Mailerlite Important for Shopify users?

We already know that email marketing is a powerful and ingenious way to connect with a lot of people with little time and effort. Do you know a single person who doesn’t have at least one email address? You read them and maybe inspired by them to make purchases or utilize services advertised in them.

When you want to take your email marketing efforts to the next level, it’s time to incorporate Mailerlite into your Shopify marketing strategy. Here’s why.

Mailerlite helps you attract and keep customers.

If you’re looking to convert browsers into customers or encourage repeat purchases, Shopify marketing with Mailerlite is the way to go. Sure, social media is a vital component in any business advertising and marketing plan. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for increasing interaction with your audience, but not everyone uses social media. Email marketing opens up a whole new opportunity to develop a more personal, one-on-one relationships with your customers.

When you publish a Facebook post or Instagram caption, you’re addressing your current and potential customers as a whole. Email allows you to reach out to individuals by name and give them information that is relevant to their interests. No mass marketing spam! And when you use Mailerlite in your email marketing strategy, you gain access to an intuitive, intelligent interface that can reach more people in a relevant way.

Mailerlite is tailor-made for your customers.

MailerLite’s email marketing isn’t just a shot in the dark strategy. It’s dividing your customer base into lists, and customizing the message you know will interest them. According to DMA, tailored email campaigns bring in 58% of revenue and marketing strategy that incorporated list-specific campaigns have realized a 760% increase in revenue according to a 2015 study by Campaign Monitor.

Email marketing’s value for Shopify owners doesn’t end at building relationships with prospective customers and business leads. Current and returning customers will appreciate the effort behind friendly, personable emails that show you take their interests and needs seriously. Email ads have the added benefit of being convenient for everyone. Customers can open and read messages at their leisure, making them more likely to get the whole message.

Mailerlite reaches your audience anytime, anywhere.

Not to dismiss the power of social media marketing, but a study by ExactTarget reported that more than 90% of people use their phones to check email. If you compare that to 75% of people who use their phones for accessing social network platforms, it’s clear which method reaches more people.

Everyone has a mobile device – smartphone, tablet, even smart TVs – and they’re all using them to check their email multiple times a day. Whether they’re stuck in traffic or sitting in a waiting room, people are rarely without their phones. Not including email in your Shopify marketing strategy could cost you significant company exposure.

Mailerlite reveals short and long term results.

When you use MailerLite’s marketing software, you can see which customers are opening your email and when people unsubscribed to your mailing service. You also know which links get the most clicks.

The longer you use it, the more efficient it becomes. By utilizing all the features beyond the easy-use newsletter builder, you can improve the performance of your email campaigns and make adjustments to serve your customer base better. There’s no guesswork with this marketing plan.

Mailerlite is cost-effective

It’s inexpensive. It’s easy. It’s effective. Email marketing tools like MailerLite allow Shopify business owners to reach a vast customer base for almost no cost per message. In MailerLite’s case, there’s even a free marketing package.

Email marketing is research-backed. A recent study from Shop.org and Forrester Research showed that more than 80% of retailers in the US view email marketing as their most effective tactic in acquiring new customers. Most small business owners operate on a fixed budget, making email marketing a realistic alternative to traditional methods like commercials or direct mail fliers.

Printing, postage, and packaging associated with traditional direct mail marketing strategies use up a lot of your advertising budget. It uses up a lot of your budget period. Email is usually free, and MailerLite’s software to create fresh, eye-catching imagery is inexpensive too. There’s also the added benefit of having follow-up info routed directly to you from customer responses.

Despite the massive growth of all aspects of technology and social networking, small business owners keep coming back to email for their marketing needs.

What exactly does MailerLite do?

MailerLite software lets Shopify store owners design their emails the way they want. Users can customize content and configure elements like images and headers, text, dividers, as well as links for sharing and redirecting. MailerLite’s newsletter templates are optimized for mobile devices, so they’ll look great no matter how your customers view them. With the software’s intuitive editing programs, there’s no need for professional web designers.

The benefits don’t stop there. MailerLite also tracks and reports all your email stats. It provides all your pen and clickthrough rates in easy-to-understand charts so you can maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Several other MailerLite tools will supercharge your marketing engagement and increase sales.

Features of MailerLite for Shopify marketing

  • Create campaigns with Drag-and-drop Editor, Custom HTML Editor, Rich Text Editor, and extensive Built-in Photo Editing Feature
  • When a customer leaves their cart before purchase, Abandoned Cart Recovery triggers emails automatically to renegade them.
  • The convenient File Manager holds all your marketing materials.
  • Customize consumer email experience with UnSubscribe Page Builder, Auto Resend, User Permissions, and Subscriber Management.
  • Utilize Click Maps and Open by Location to see which regions have the most customers for your Shopify business.
  • Connect your account with Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, and other platforms to reach your audience through Integrations.
  • The essential A/B Testing allows you to create several emails to see which one is the most effective. You send out the first wave of emails, and, based on the results, MailerLite sends the most effective one out to the rest of your subscribers.
  • Explore many other useful features, including Email Automation, RSS Campaigns, Campaign Reports, and Developer API.

Free Tier and Package Pricing

Now you know what it is and how it works. So, how much is it going to cost you? Here’s the best part…if your company is small – nothing. MailerLite offers a free plan that includes an unlimited number of campaigns and up to 1000 subscribers. You also get access to their exceptional 24/7 customer support (via chat or email).

If your business starts to outgrow the 1000 subscribers range, there’s no considerable price jump to the next level. Their paid plans start at $7 per month if you subscribe yearly. It’s entirely up to you whether you pay monthly or annually, but the yearly subscription can save you around 30% over time.

Although you’ll pay a little more to accommodate more subscribers, with the Business plans, you’ll always have an unlimited number of emails. This is where MailerLite stands out from similar products. It is almost unheard of for an Automated Mail Services not to limit the number of emails you can send or to support 1000 subscribers for free.

With MailerLite, you never have to worry about scalability. It can accommodate your success and growing client base to any level. As your business (and the number of email subscribers) increases, so does your MailerLite account – but it always stays affordable.

Why choose MailerLite for your Shopify Marketing?

There are a lot of Automated Mailer Services out there, so why pick MailerLite? As explained above, you get almost unlimited features for free. Other popular AMS companies charge $30 a month for 1000-2500 subscribers – MailerLite costs half that.

Their website has a sliding scale so you can plan for your monthly or yearly costs as your Shopify store grows. As of now, it maxes out at 600,000 subscribers for about $1,900 a month. That’s a lot of room for growth.

Even more importantly, MailLite offers a plugin specifically for Shopify marketing. Just access the Official MailerLite App from the Shopify App Store, and it will automatically add all your customers to your new MailerLite Account. The plugin enables an automatic Pop-up Subscribe form that will help you increase your subscriber list. You don’t need to do any of the technical work, MailerLite will integrate everything for you. Email marketing has never been easier, less expensive, or more attractive.

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